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by Dawn
Watering Reminder Page

Does this sound familiar?

Did I water the tomatoes yesterday, or was that the day before?

Hmmmm….wonder if hubby watered the potted flowers this morning before work?

I really should water the garden tonight, but I’m tired, it can wait until tomorrow (or can it?)

If any of this sounds like you, keep reading, I can help.

watering can in garden

When you fill out your info below, you’ll get a FREE printable chart to help you keep track of when and what you water.

You’ll also receive my tried and true method for keeping your watering schedule manageable. This is especially helpful if you’re on a shallow well and you’d still like to have enough water for your teenage son to shower after his outdoor soccer practice in 90 degree heat. Just sayin’.

You’ll also get instant access to my FREE Resource Library with lots of useful information, and a subscription to my FREE weekly newsletter. What you won’t get is spam, because I’ll never do it! Just fill in your info below, and have a crazy organic day!


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