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Valentine’s Day Gardeners Gift Guide

by Dawn
valentines day gifts with red bows

Best Gardening Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019

You know, Valentine’s Day is only 30 days away. Yup, 30 little itty bitty days. YIKES! That’s ok, I’ve got you covered with the very best Valentine’s Day gift guide EVER for that special gardener in your life.

The gifts I’ve listed come primarily from Amazon and Plow & Hearth, Amazon because EVERYONE uses Amazon (amiright?) and Plow & Hearth, because I LUUURRRVVVEEE Plow & Hearth. They have great quality products that I’m very comfortable promoting, even though I don’t personally have every single one of them.

I went back and forth about how to organize this guide, but have decided to simply make “under $50”, “$50 to $100” and “over $100” categories. (Please note that price ranges were updated for accuracy on 09/12/19)

I’ve included a picture from the seller’s website for each one so you can just skim through and see what strikes your fancy if you’re that kind of shopper.

If you’re the kind that likes to get all the details, you can read what I’ve written about each, or click on any picture to read more about it and make your purchase.

Valentines gifts with red bows

DISCLAIMER: My categories of prices are as of today (01/15/19). Prices are not guaranteed. As an affiliate, I’m not permitted to post exact prices, so you’ll need to click through to see the actual, up-to-date prices.

This post contains affiliate links.  When you click on and purchase through one of these links, I earn a small commission.   This does not affect the price that you pay.

Under $50.00

Cocktail Garden Kit

I love this Cocktail Garden kit! If your sweetie loves cocktails AND plants, this is the gift for her (or him!) Not only does it come with everything you need to grow 6 different types of plants that can be used in cocktails, but it comes with the recipes for the cocktails! Plant Theatre also has TONS of other options in these kits, so if cocktails aren’t your thing, just click through on the link above and search Plant Theatre kits. They have Veggie Garden kits, Herb Garden kits, and lots of others. And as a plus, they’re really reasonably priced!

Owls on a Branch

SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! Tell me these owls aren’t the most adorable things you’ve ever seen! Can’t you just see them sitting in a tree or attached to an upright post on your deck? At just over 16″ wide, they’re small enough to be cute and big enough to get noticed. Toooooo cute! (I want one…..)

Glowing Garden Globes

I just love these glass garden globes. They come as a set of three and as of this writing, they are ON SALE! SCORE! Just so you know, they aren’t solar, they each take 3 AA batteries. These would look so cool on my front steps.

Herb Garden Starter Kit

Next is this herb garden starter kit from Amazon. It has everything needed to grow 10 different kinds of herbs and the best part? All seeds are ORGANIC and non-GMO! Love it!

Bonsai Starter Kit

I really like this one! A bonsai seed kit, with all supplies for your very first bonsai, including seeds for three different types of trees, Japanese Black Pine, Japanese Wisteria and Dawn Redwood. There are also instructions included for the first 3-5 YEARS of growing, which is really helpful as there are steps that need to be taken for those first few years to get your tree growing properly as a bonsai. A unique and unusual gift that could last a lifetime! (Ooooh, didn’t that last sentence sound cool? I just made it up (although it is true)! LOL)

Sunflower Stepping Stones

These sunflower stepping stones are soooo pretty (although you might have figured out already that I REALLY like sunflowers!) These are made with real stones on a flexible backing and come in a set of three, as shown. They are also very reasonably priced. Why not get 2 sets and use them to make a path through the garden?

$50 – $100

Cat Garden Statue

Isn’t this statue cute? If your sweetie is a crazy cat lady (or man!), they’ll love this polyresin statue! And at almost 2 feet high, it will certainly attract attention (and giggles!)

Turtle Family

I think these turtles are adorable too. They’re the same price as the cat and mouse above, so if your sweetie prefers turtles, there you go! They come as the set of three, with Mama Turtle being just under a foot long. So sweet!

Plant Stand

This plant stand is really nice because it can be used as shown, or you can remove the center 3 shelves and use it as two separate 3-tier stands, giving you some nice customizing possibilities depending on your space.

Fairy Garden House

Isn’t this adorable? If she loves fairies (and who doesn’t?), why not give the fairies a place to live in her garden? At just over a foot high, this house has ample room for a fairy family to move right in, and it even has electricity! (OK, fine, it’s a solar panel that lights up the windows at night, but if you don’t tell, I won’t).

Sunflower Garden Globes

OK, gotta be honest here. I think this is my very FAVORITE product on the entire list. These are absolutely beautiful! The large globe is 8 inches, while the small one is 5 inches. They are battery operated, where I would actually prefer solar. However, they have a built-in automatic 6-hour on, 18-hour off timer, so you don’t have to remember to turn them off at night to conserve the batteries.

Click & Grow Smart Garden

Coming in at just under $100, this Click & Grow Smart Garden is a more economical alternative to the ever-popular Aerogarden. It does require preseeded plant capsules (basil is included with this one), and there are over 40 different plant options to choose from directly from Click & Grow.

$100 and Up

Fairy Garden Bird Bath

This fairy garden bird bath is so cute, and would go so nicely in her garden with the fairy house we talked about above, don’t you think? Made of resin and cement and coming in at just about 2 feet tall, this little beauty isn’t going to blow over or get knocked down in your garden, and should last for years.

Metal Garden Bench

Isn’t this bench beautiful? Betcha you can just see you and your sweetie snuggling on this bench watching the butterflies (or the stars!) It comes in both black and white and is made of powder-coated aluminum for years of use. I NEED one of these, how about you?


No gardener’s gift list would be complete without a link to the AeroGarden page (You can check it out here). As you’ll see, there are so many options to choose from, I didn’t have room to include links to each and every one. They range in price from under $50 to over $650, so you can find a gift no matter your price range.

Oh, and if your sweetie is more the practical type and would appreciate gardening tools and that type of thing as gifts, feel free to check out my Christmas gift list post here. Something on it might be just what you (and they!) are looking for. I also have the Ultimate Gift Guide here for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Valentine’s gift list and that it’s given you some great ideas for your sweetie or another special someone.

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As always, comments, suggestions and pins to Pinterest are appreciated. Smile and have a crazy organic day!

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Best Gardening Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019

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