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‘Twas the Day Before Christmas

by Dawn
christmas tree with lights and ornaments

A Gardener’s Version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the day before Christmas

And all through the town,

The gardens were asleep,

The snow was falling down.


The plants were nestled all snug in their beds,

Waiting for spring to show their pretty heads.

Pa in his PJ’s and I in my chair,

Had just settled down,

Relaxing without a care.

When out in the driveway

There arose such a clatter,

We sprang from our chairs

To see what was the matter.

Out to the front door,

We rushed in a hurry,

Sending the cats running,

Boy, did they scurry!

my cat, Peanut, sleeping
(Except for Peanut, she’s too comfy to scurry!)

The sun shining down on the snow-covered yard,

Made us squint really quickly, seeing was hard!

Then what we saw, Oh such good luck,

It was the mailman and his little white truck!

He drove up the driveway, his wheels spinning round,

And he had some trouble on the icy, hard ground.

He spun and he spun and he finally stopped,

Hitting the brakes so hard his little truck hopped.

He jumped from the truck, his feet slipped a little,

And he grabbed his big bag, slung the strap ‘round his middle.

He slipped and he slid to the door as he came,

He spied us coming out and called us by name.

“Oh, Ma, oh Pa, please don’t come outside,

The weather is bad, you might fall, you might slide.

Just stay where you are, I’m coming to you,

I have lots of mail, and some goodies too.”

He made it to the door, he stayed on his feet,

We gestured him in, to the house’s welcome heat.

Christmas ornament on tree

“Come in, come in,” to the mailman we cried,

“Come in and warm up, it’s so nice inside.”

“I can’t stay for long, I have so much to do,

There are gifts, and pretty cards, and catalogs too.

There are so many people waiting for their mail,

I must be going quickly, I cannot fail.”

“But before I depart, I have many things for you,

Here is your stack:  Bills, cards and catalogs too.”

Our hearts skipped a beat, as we spied what he offered,

Seed catalogs, lots of them, and we grabbed what was proffered.

We could hardly wait to crack open those books,

Flowers, veggies and herbs, we needed to look!

Oh, the colors, the flavors, the vast selection,

We couldn’t wait to add to our collection!

assorted seed catalogs

But we couldn’t be rude, the postman was still there,

Although what we wanted was for him to get out of our hair.

“Thank you so much, for the wonderful mail,

We know you are busy, and don’t want to fail,

To deliver your packages, cards and your bills,

You have so many mailboxes to fill.

We don’t want to keep you, without a doubt,”

We said as we begin to usher him out.

He went out the door, then turned with a smile,

“I know those catalogs will keep you busy for a while.

But before I drive away, I do want to say,

Merry Christmas to you, and to you a good day!”

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snowman and forest friends

A Gardener’s Version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

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