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Seed catalogs and Christmas wishes

by Dawn
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Favorite Seed Catalogs can be as much Fun as Christmas Shopping

If you are of <<ahem>> a certain age, you remember the Sears wishbook.  That massive catalog came in the mail each fall, full of the Christmas hopes and dreams of kids everywhere.  

I’d be so excited when I got home from school and it was waiting for me.  Homework?  Nope!  Give me that catalog first!  Skimming its hundreds of crisp, colorful, glossy pages for the first time, then more methodically with notebook and pen in hand. 

So what in the world does that have to do with plants, you ask? Well, I’d be happy to tell you, or maybe I don’t have to.  Two little words….seed catalogs.  

Seed catalogs are the Sears Wishbook of every gardener.  Those crisp, glossy, lovely little books that arrive in the midst of the coldest, snowiest month of the year and inject a little springtime into our frozen hearts.  New varieties! Better disease resistance!  That brand new gadget you can’t live without!  

As this picture illustrates, I may have ordered a few seeds from seed catalogs in the past.  Ok, maybe more than a few.  Ok, fine, if there were a Seed Savers Anonymous, I would probably be the founding member.  “Hello, I’m Dawn, and I have a seed problem.”

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But, my little seed problem is to your benefit because I’m going to let you in on the top 3 companies I’ve ordered from and absolutely love.

High Mowing Organic Seeds

First and foremost is High Mowing Organic Seeds.  If you want to check out their website, you can do it here. Right now, you can also order a paper catalog of your very own.  Trust me, you want it.  So much better than the website, you can dog ear the pages and circle things and highlight things and… well, you get the idea. 

Why I Recommend High Mowing

I really like High Mowing, their seeds are of good quality and they have a wonderful, broad selection of many different kinds of seeds.  They’re also great about keeping you informed if they have back orders, which they do occasionally on very popular seeds, and you do have the opportunity to cancel your order should that happen. 

Their seeds can also be found in a lot of brick and mortar retail stores, so there’s a good chance you can find them in your local garden center if you prefer, although the catalog will always give you many more choices. I have both purchased on their site and in stores and have always been happy with the results.

Renee’s Seeds

Another company I get a lot of my seeds from is Renee’s Seeds.  You can find them here.  I don’t see any option for a paper catalog, but their online catalog is quite nice, and again, you can find them at many brick and mortar retailers.  Renee’s Seeds also sells some plants and even gifts for gardeners as well.  I have not ordered from their website but have purchased seeds at stores, and they are of good quality and grow well.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

The Baker Creek Paper Catalog is the BEST!

Third on my list is Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsThey win the award, hands down, for the very best and most amazing paper catalog EVER!  Like, Sears Wishbook amazing.  You can find their website here.  Keep in mind that their free catalog is an abridged version of their WHOLE catalog. 

The whole catalog does cost $9.95 (for the 2019 edition, available here), but it is sooo worth it if you’re a seed addict like me!  Your mouth will water.  Your eyes may even glaze over.  Trust me on this.  It’s almost 350 pages of seedly awesomeness. 

Of course, you can always order on the website, but it’s just not the same as holding that crisp, glossy, heavy catalog in your hands.  Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

They also have a book I did a review of here. It’s absolutely wonderful and so valuable for new (or even not so new) gardeners!

Stark Bro’s

I know I said 3 companies, but you won’t mind if I sneak a #4 in, will you?  I didn’t think so.  Stark Bro’s is an awesome company if you’re looking for fruit trees or plants.  You can find their website here and they do also have a paper catalog. 

Why I like Stark Bro’s

They have a nice variety of fruit trees and plants, and I have ordered from them a few times with good results.  I got my black raspberry plants from them several years ago and they have done remarkably well.  As in, “I have more raspberries than I know what to do with” well.  You should see my freezer! If you’d like more information on growing your own raspberries, you can find my raspberry growing post here.

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I hope my rundown of my favorite 3 seed companies (with a bonus #4!) is helpful.  The below images are suitable for Pinterest, if you have an appropriate board (and I’d appreciate the pin!)

As always, keep smiling and have a crazy organic day!

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Favorite Seed Catalogs can be as much Fun as Christmas Shopping

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Nicole 12/05/2018 - 5:23 pm

Wow Dawn you have had a busy month! Blog is looking amazing, well done!
Really love your layout, I’ll be sure to keep checking in on your posts 💕

Dawn 12/05/2018 - 5:58 pm

Thanks so much, I appreciate the feedback! Feel free to subscribe too if you’d like. I hate spammy emails so will never clog up your inbox, I promise!


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