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by Dawn

Below you will find all the freebies that you, as a subscriber, have received either through your welcome emails or via the weekly newsletters. I’ve decided to put them all in one place so you have access to them anytime you would like. I hope you enjoy them and that they’re useful for you.

Emergency Preparedness

Coronavirus Prep Shopping List

Crop of the Week

Growing Peas Successfully

Growing Beets Organically

Growing Organic Brassicas

Growing Salad Crops

Growing Organic Potatoes

Growing Organic Raspberries

Growing Organic Beans

Growing Organic Cucurbits

Growing Delicious Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

Growing Organic Strawberries

Growing Organic Sweet Potatoes

DIY and Crafts

Garden Trellis plans

Fun & Romantic Couples Activities

Gardener’s Hand Scrub

Easy Adjustable Plant Shelf

Vegetables & Fruits

Countdown to Spring (what to do to prepare for the new gardening season)

10′ x 10′ Veggie Garden Plan

Garden Journal Pages

Seed Starting Cheat Sheet

Garden Flowers

25 Late Summer Flowers for your Garden


Poinsettia Cheat Sheet (keeping your poinsettia alive and healthy all year)


21 Garden Activities for Kids


Quick and Easy Recipes

Freezer Pickle Recipe

Raw Milk Yogurt Recipe

Pepper Relish Recipe

Pickled Beets Recipe

Easy Mild Salsa Recipe

Easy Carrot Relish

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

New England Style Baked Beans

Crock Pot (AKA “poop”) Cake

Kentucky Butter Cake

Stained Glass Windows


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