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by Dawn
The Last Garden Journal You’ll Ever Need!

Have you been frustrated trying to find the perfect garden journal, the one that includes everything you want in one place? I have, too, so I decided to create one!

And the best part? You’ll never need another Garden Journal!

You can reprint your journal year after year, creating that all-important record of your gardening efforts, allowing you to build on your successes and learn from your failures

Your fully customizable Garden Journal includes:

  • A Seed Inventory so you can keep track of all those seeds you’ve been hoarding
  • Handy Companion Planting explanation and charts, plus a blank chart for you to use in your garden
  • Handy Crop Rotation explanation and charts, plus a blank crop rotation plan for you to use in your garden
  • Garden Planning Grid for you to maximize your gardening space
  • Plant and Seed Wish List for next year (because who doesn’t need more plants?)
  • Getting Ready for Spring Tasks to help you keep track of what needs to be done before planting begins
  • Varieties Planted chart to help you keep track of what you’ve planted and how many, and how successful they were
  • Fertilizer/Compost schedule so you never overfeed or underfeed your crops again
  • Garden Planner pages for notes and anything else you want to remember. These include 2 day-per-page, 3 day-per-page and 4 day-per-page options
  • Happy Garden Days page where you can record in words or pictures those perfect days or that beautiful flower or monster zucchini, whatever makes you happy in your garden!
  • Harvest Record with crop, quantity and dates
  • What Worked and What Didn’t Work pages, probably the most important pages in the whole journal! They allow you to record those processes that worked this year and those that didn’t, to help streamline your success next year.

Each page category includes both “plain” (black and white) and “pretty” (with colored pictures and/or quotes) options so you can create your ideal journal. Print in all black & white to conserve ink, or make it pretty. Mix it up if you’d like. It’s totally yours, so it’s totally up to you!

**The wide left margin makes it easy to put your Garden Journal in a 3-ring binder to keep everything you need together in one place.**

Ready to have the BEST, MOST COMPLETE and LAST Garden Journal you’ll ever need for only $24? YAY, it’s half price! Only $12!

Just a note that when you click the buy now button, you’ll be directed to PayPal. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to purchase. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll see an option (it’s a little smaller than and below the PayPal option) that allows you to pay with a credit or debit card.

Thank you so much for your purchase! Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected].


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