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Grow Your Best!

Detailed Growing Instructions for 11 Fruits & Veggies, plus BONUS Content!

Ready to grow healthy, delicious fruits and veggies like these?

Assorted vegetables

GROW YOUR BEST has detailed growing instructions for 11 popular fruits and vegetables, so you’ll never have to guess what your plants need to be healthy and productive all summer long, no matter what part of the country you’re growing in!

Find details on pre-planting prep, when and where to plant, how to care for your growing plants, when and how to harvest and MORE on all of these crops:








Salad Crops


Sweet Potatoes


veggie book collage


My most popular dill and sweet pickle recipes, plus a bonus raw milk yogurt recipe (once you try it, you’ll NEVER go back to store-bought!).

What else might you need?

How about worksheets to help you keep track of rainfall and your own watering efforts, as well as tips and advice for how to water most efficiently?

You’ll also receive a Garden Harvest Tally worksheet to keep track of your garden bounty from year to year.

40 pages in all!

Originally $12. On sale for a limited time for only $7!

That’s just $7 for 40 pages of valuable content that will help you have your best, most productive garden EVER.

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Detailed Growing Instructions for 11 Fruits & Veggies, plus BONUS Content!


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