Views from the kitchen: impressions of a four-year-old

A few days ago, I observed my four-year-old taking photos of various foods in the kitchen. Before I could ask her what they were for, she turned to me and said, “Mommy, I’m taking photos for your blog.”

Later, we sat down with the camera to get her impressions of the images she captured, and what she wanted me to write about. As we went through each image she commented on why she took the photo, which I reproduce below (my questions in bold).

Why do you like fruit?
Because it’s my favourite appetite and I like pineapple because it is so juicy. I like the apples because they can make the apple juice and the apple cider.

Why are apples red?
I don’t know! Just because it’s their skin, and that’s the way they were born.


What inspired you to take a photo of a pumpkin?
I like the pumpkin pie.

She points to the bag of potatoes in the background.  

Talk about the potatoes because you can make squash potatoes or chip potatoes. That’s why I put it in the blog.


Why did you include the oats?
We can make oat pancakes and because we can make oats.

Why did you take these photos?
Because I want to be a photographer like you and I want to be a dancer … and I want to make art.

Why did you choose to take this photo?


I like meat because it is really juicy.

What’s this?


This is beef! This is beef Mommy. The most I like about beef is that it is really tender and juicy.


Why do you like blueberries?
I like blueberries because we can make smoothies, blueberry pie, and blueberry popsicles.

Do you know why blueberries are blue?
Because they are kind of like blackberries except that blueberries are blue. I think they just put food colouring in it.

Who puts the food colouring in the blueberries?
The bakers.

How do we get blueberries?
You get a ladder and you pick them down. They put them in a truck, then they go to the store and then they [the customers] pick them up, buy them, go home and wash their hands, and then cook it [the blueberries].

What is this photo about?


About the nuts. Nuts are really cool. I like nuts except for one nut I don’t like. I don’t like cashews!

Why then did you take a photo of the cashews?
I put them in your blog because I know you like cashews.

Nuts! I like the colour because there’s different colours of the skin and the skin is really cool. 

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One thought on “Views from the kitchen: impressions of a four-year-old

  1. What an observant little four-year-old she is and so aware of her environment! The photographs are wonderful as are her responses to your questions. It is a privilege to have this (snapshot) glimpse into your day together – thank you for sharing! Perhaps we can look forward to more joint postings? That would be nice! P.S. Funny that she likes all nuts but not cashews particularly; I am the same! xo

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